The Melbourne Book

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Author: Maree Coote
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Hard Cover
The new cover design echoes the original, but signals a New Edition. NEW tales from Melbourne's short but amazing history. New photographs of this ever-changing city. New celebrities include Adam Elliot, Eddie Perfect, Molly Meldrum. New chapters include the story of pub rock and Countdown, of artist and expeditionist Ellis Rowan, and a full biography of fashion designer Jenny Bannister. Updated Chapters on Laneways,Trams, Flinders Street Station, Melb v Sydney, Melbourne Cup, Fashion, Vegemite, Weather, Le Louvre and more.Visual, passionate and informative, The Melbourne Book is crammed with anecdotes and detail. With over 700 photos and 60 tales from past and present, author/photographer Maree Coote explores the city with an eye for the ordinary and the extraordinary. All of Melbourne's stories are here, from William Buckley to Dame Edna... Architecture, footy, fashion, horse-racing, weather and much more. It's the must-have Melburnian's manual; it's the world's most liveable book.
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