The Marriage Truce / Miss Winbolt and the Fortune Hunter

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Author: Ann Elizabeth Cree; Sylvia Andrew
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The Marriage Truce - Ann Elizabeth Cree

The Chandlers and the St. Clairs had been feuding for years. When Jessica St. Clair wanted to marry Adam Chandler, the two families were forced to meet. Devin St. Clair, the Marquis of Huntington, had no idea when he attended the betrothal party that he would become smitten with a Chandler himself!

The object of an odious man's attentions, Sarah Chandler was thrilled that Dev had come to her rescue. But when her family assumed it was Dev who had compromised her, they were pressed into marriage. Would their sudden wedding lead them to love?

Miss Winbolt And The Fortune Hunter - Sylvia Andrew

Respected spinster Miss Emily Winbolt, so cool and cynical with would-be suitors, puts her reputation at risk after tumbling into a stranger's arms. Suddenly, bleak loneliness is replaced with a wanton, exciting sense of abandon.

But Emily is an heiress, and her rescuer none other than Sir William Ashenden, a man of some distinction. He needs to marry, and she yearns to believe that William wants plain, upright, suddenly reckless Emily - not for her fortune, but for herself...

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