The Lost Thoughts of Soldiers and Other Stories

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Author: Delia Falconer
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This publication, complete with a selection of her prize-winning stories, confirms Falconer's reputation as a dazzling writer of extraordinary range.The Lost Thoughts of Soldiers explores death and dying, friendship, longing, loss and a nation's preoccupation with celebrity. 

Georgia, 1898: On what may be the last day of his life, Captain Frederick Benteen — the man who saved Custer’s Seventh Cavalry from almost certain death at Little Bighorn — receives a letter from an ambitious boy offering to “restore” his reputation. For over 23 years Benteen has silently watched Custer’s legend grow. His General has been dead for more than 20 years, killed in action, considered a hero, while the public has never forgiven Benteen for surviving. 

Now, at last, he begins to put down some account of those two horrific days pinned down on a ridge. What follows is an exquisite eulogy for his fellow soldiers, both alive and dead. Funny, moving, rich in character and incident, this acclaimed novel avoids the bloody battle scenes and maudlin romance that characterize much Civil War-based fiction in favor of an unsparing and poetic story that explores what it means to be a soldier — then and now.

Collected here for the first time, Falconer's acclaimed and much-loved stories continue her preoccupation with passion, beauty, dreams and death and the secret desires of men and women.

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