The Lost Art Of Being A Man-How To Bring Up Baby

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Author: Sam Martin
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It's time to put down the hammer and take up the nappy pins! Climbing a mountain or building a house might be admirable manly pursuits, but but nothing beats soothing a crying baby or saving a newborn from certain danger. Armed with How to Bring Up Baby, you can step up to the plate in your new role as dad with all the information you need about baby bonding, baby safety and beyond. Procreation is de rigueur for any self-respecting male, but how do you maintain your sense of self when surrounded by nappies and rules by the timetable of your newborn? If you are to survive, you need to develop skills to help tackle the unfamiliar world of nappy rash, feeding times and colic. Packed with sound advice and practical suggestions from the bestselling author of How to Mow the Lawn and How to Keep House, How to Bring Up Baby is the must-have guide to modern fatherhood, which will help you be your own boss in the nursery.

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