The Little Book of Logo Recipes

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Author: David E. Carter
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If you're a businessperson trying to devise a new logo -- or a graphic designer trying to get established in corporate design -- The Little Book of Logo Recipes will teach you a lot about the process, and will also give you the "recipe" for creating a lot of different visual techniques.Some of the sample logos shown are fairly simple, and just the very presence of this "recipe" will give the user a quick inspiration. For others, the "how to" includes the use of multiple PhotoShop filters to create powerful images. The next time you need to do a logo in a hurry, you'll wish this book were on your shelf.

Designed to offer endless inspiration, The Little Book of Logo Recipes offers this bonus feature: each page features call-out notes of easily understandable comments to quickly convey the advantageous elements of the depicted logo.

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