The Legacy Of Lobengula & Kidnapped In The Kafue (2 Books)

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Author: Duncan Watt

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1.  This exciting story is set at the site of one of the natural wonders of the world, the Victoria Falls in Central Africa. Using information from the pendant Muyunda always wears round his neck, the Wallace Boys and their good friend go in search of an immense treasure of diamonds and gold left by the last king of the warrior Natabeke tribe, Lobengula. However, their search is complicated by the presence of their old adversaries, Isaacs and Lambert, who are determined to find the treasure first. But old Scottie with his Fox Moth biplane manages to help out at the end.

2.  ..A shot rang out and the distant figure jerked. A sudden, deathly hush blanked the central African bushveld... For a moment nothing moved. Even the veil of blue smoke from the muzzle of the rifle seemed to hang in the hot, still air of the late afternoon.... What is supposed to be a relaxing holiday in Kafue National Park turns out to be an exciting adventure for the Wallace brothers and their friend, Mayunda. They tackle poachers and the sinister Zipra-AG with the help of Lazarus, the revamped Land Rover, and Jesse, the cantankerous elephant.

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