The Last Judgement

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Author: Richard Hugo
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Hard Cover

1984 First Edition.     
 – Macmillan London Limited., London

Cover is hard bound boards with Bright Orange Cloth.  Small White Stain at bottom of Frint.  Good Condition.
Dust Jacket is present.  Author's Bio on Inside Back Flap.  Good condition.
End Papers are intact.   
Preliminaries -  Dedication,  Quotation.

Main Text Body : 335 Pages.  Fine and Clean. 

Edges are even and unworn.
Spine is tight with no gutter damage.  Gilt  lettering.  
Page Structure is sound with no missing pages.


A densely detailed suspense thriller from Hugo (The Hitler Diaries, 1983) in which paranoia and a slew of second guesses fuel an explosive confrontation. It's almost Christmas when a killer describing himself as ""the incubus of pure terror"" brutally murders David Ross, his wife and three sleeping children. Ross' older brother James, reluctantly comes out of retirement in the hope of avenging his brother. Was David killed because he was closing in on a shadowy free-lance terrorist known as Kaster?  But as Ross soon infers, it wasn't Kaster but his look-alike brother whom he's killed. Now, the intelligence bigwigs fear, the real Kaster is on the loose, armed with a porcelain egg of a bomb, containing--perhaps--germs to spread the plague. Spurred on by the expectations of his adversaries, Kaster (if it is really he) gears up for a New Year's Eve blast.                                                                                                          




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