The Iron Fairies Vol. 2

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Author: A. Sutton
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Volume 2 takes you deeper into the mine revealing a secret bond between the author and a work colleague (called Fat Gutz). 
There are detailed sketches of the mine site and also detailed descriptions of some of the miners as well as the fairies. In the final pages of the book, he reveals a secret map of a hideout that Fat Gutz has been hiding for many years. After seeing Fat Gutz's hideaway, he discovers a gold colored rock! The two of them decide to secretly team up to build a furnace and produce the first fairy made up of this gold colored rock. 
After you read Volume 2, you can then try to crack the second Blue Fairy Code left in the pages and play the second stage of the game online and receive the second part of the key! 
(P.S. Hidden in the pages of Volume 2 is a secret formula that Fat Gutz used to make fairies in the hideaway...)

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