The iron Angel and Other Tales of the Gypsy Sleuth

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Author: Edward D Hoch

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In five decades of writing mystery stories, Edward D Hoch is unchalleged as the King of the Traditional Mystery. His stories are classical puzzlers, with all the clues fairly laid out, and the reader challeged to solve the mystery before the detective. But he does more than challenge the reader's powers of ratiocination - though on one can bamboozle his audience with locked rooms and dying messages more throughly than Hoch- he also has a sense of the bizarre and the exotic. Obscure lore, marvelous settings, hints of witchcraft and magic-all these are part of of the world of Edward D Hoch.

the Iron Angel confirms the Mystery Writers of America's wisdom in presenting Edward D Hoch with its highest honor, the designation of Grand Master.



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