The Holy Land

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Author: Basil Tzaferis
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Hard Cover
"The present Holy Land, a new work, continues the noble aspiration of acquainting the the philomath with the religious character of each of the Holy Shrines and of associating it with the relevant passage from the Gospels or the Lord's miracle performed there. Furthermore, it is a notable effort towards satisfying the interest of historians and archaeologists, for it has been given the ready consideration of the learned Professor Vassilios Tzaferis, experienced archaeologist and scholar especially devoted to the study of the Holy Land.
Dr. V. Tzaferis has written a detailed and informative text, not only founded on historical facts but also theologically substantiated, and has enriched it with many colour illustrations which help the reader call to mind the actual aspect of the Holy Places."
- from the foreword by his Beatitude the Patriarch of Jerusalem Diodoros I
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