The Heart of the Hunter

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Author: Laurens van der Post
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Hard Cover

In the Last World of the Kalahari, Laurens van der Post described an expedition that he led in search of a remnant of the most ancient people of Africa, the Bushman. The present book begins where the first book left off. On their way out of the Kalahari, the author and his party encountered a small group of Bushmen. This meeting stirred him to set down on paper the legends and fables he had heard from the Bushmen- the primal, unwritten literature of Africa. These stories have an extraordinary force, charm and spirit, coming as they do from the remotest past. We hear about the Ratel and the Honey-Diviner, the brave Ostrich, the beautiful Eland, the Baboon-Intellectuals; there is an astonishing saga of the Mantis, and there are lovely fables about the Sun, the Wind, the Rain, and the Dawn's Heart. Laurens van der Post also gives us his interpretatiion of these mysterious tales, and stresses the vital importance to us of understanding the truths which, through such myths, our primaeval brothers can still convey to us.


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