The Harp at Midnight

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Author: Caiseal Mor
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Caiseal Mór has had some success in Australia with a series of romantic Celtic fantasies set in ancient Ireland - the "Wanderers" trilogy and The Tilecutter's Penny. His latest, The Harp at Midnight, is a young adult dark fantasy novel set in 19th century Ireland that continues his preoccupation with myth, music, and all things Celtic.

Lady Grace McMurton, a harpist who plays for the Faerie Queen has fallen in love with a fiddler from 'beyond the hill', and agrees to remain forever in Faerie with her true love. Some years later Andy Ferguson, son of a British Army officer, moves into McMurton House where he sees a mysterious woman standing at an upstairs window. When he asks the servants about the woman they deny any knowledge of her. Later, he hears a harp playing late at night and, with the help of the cook's granddaughter, and at the direction of Brendan O'Dea, their mysterious and suitably brooding neighbour, he begins to investigate the source of the playing. Ultimately it leads him and his friends into Faerie where he discovers the curse laid upon the midnight harp player.

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