The Guest of Honour

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Author: Irving Wallace
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Hard Cover
Hard Cover
When popular TV anchorman Matt Underwood came to the White House as US President, he and his ex-Miss America wife Alice were the darlings of the American people. But after three years the glamour has worn off and the president feels powerless in the hands of his bureaucrats and his overbearing wife. Life is a round of tedious negotiations - until, that is he encounters Madame Noy Sang. Matt's interest in foreign affairs is suddenly revitalised.
President of a tiny South China Seas island under threat from Communist insurgents, Madame Sang has charm and charisma to match Matt's own. As the two presidents realise their inescapable fascination with each other, they become more deeply embroiled in each other's affairs of state. And when disaster strikes Noy's family, politics and the personal can no longer be kept apart.........
Master storyteller Irving Wallace has triumphed once again with a thrilling tale of international power struggles, romantic intrigue and scandal in high places.
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