The Granularity of Growth Dual Edition

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Author: Viguerie Patrick; Angus Dawson; Baghai
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Hard Cover
Leaders of large companies face a tough challenge: how do you grow your business in fiercely competitive and maturing markets? This text shows executives how they can uncover pockets of opportunity even in the most crowded markets.
Two years on and the global business bestseller that introduced the idea of granularity to management is back. Now in paperback, the core lessons in Granularity: Smart choices to grow your business in good times and bad, based on research and client carried out by the world s leading consultancy McKinsey & Company, have become all the more critical in the wake of a once-in-a-generation downturn that has rocked global markets. Among the dislocation and ruin, exist powerful pockets and sources of growth. The real science is in identifying and exploiting these opportunities valued in the hundreds of millions to billions of dollars. Granularity shows you how. As markets and global trends are recast by the crisis, capitalizing upon them requires a more dynamic, granular approach to management. Granular management rewards leaders skilled in viewing and deploying resources in ways that turn micro insights into big payoffs. In fact, companies adept at doing so before the current crisis are, not surprisingly, the ones faring best as others falter. Before, during and after crisis, getting granular continues to provide the edge to those ready to harness its power
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