The Games Book

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Author: Huw Davies [Written By] , Lisa Jackson [Illustrated By]
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Hard Cover

Have you ever struggled to remember your favourite childhood game so you can teach it to your own children? Do you love to reminisce about the good old days when it was all just good old-fashioned fun? The Games Book has the answers. Packed full of traditional indoor and outdoor games from yesteryear, it contains something for family members of all ages to enjoy. Each game has instructions and some hints and tips for beginners. An ideal companion for rainy days and family holidays. With a classic 1950s retro look, The Games Book is a great gift for every family member. Entries include:. Playground games - What's the Time, Mr Wolf?. Tag games - Stick in the Mud and Marco Polo. Card games - Patience and Rummy. Paper games - Consequences and Hangman. Ball games - Sevens and Kingy

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