The Forging of the Shadows

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Author: Oliver Johnson
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The city of Thrull, once dedicated to Reh, God of Light, was conquered seven years ago by the vampire army of Lord Faran Gaton Nekhron. Now, the servants of Iss, God of Eternal Night and Life in Death, rule there.

And then a night comes which has been foretold. A night when three people will find their destinies linked - with each other and the world. Urthred is a priest of flame, hideously scarred. Summoned to aid an uprising in Thrull, he soon finds himself a fugitive in the deadly nighttime streets. Jayal is the warrior son of Thrull's ex-ruler. Cursed by life-saving sorcery, he returns to the city with a magical sword, not knowing that a greater doom waits for him in the darkness. And Thalassa, once Jayal's fiancee, is now Lord Faran's plaything, eternally waiting for the bite which will end her life. But fate has another destiny in store for her. Together they must face the might of Iss and his dark empire.

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