The Forest and the Sea

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Author: Marston Bates
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A study of animals and plants, their environments, and man's place among them.

The author of this wonderful book was inspired by a simple, enlightening observation: life in the rain forests is in many ways similar to life in the sea. The author sketches the basic comparison in the early chapters, and in the later paints vibrant, engaging pictures of life in several communities: in the forest and the sea of course, but also in deserts, grasslands, rivers and lakes, even in the water-collecting cup of a tropical plant. He creates a picture of a network of life -- all forms of life in all communities are interdependent, and all categories (including "forest" and "sea") that scientists and laymen use to classify biological communities are arbitrary and artificial. He describes some of the strange creatures found in the transition areas between land and sea in order to show that the boundary between the two is no more than a man-made expedient; the boundaries blur as we observe the communities that have adapted to life on both land and sea. He ends the book with a thought-provoking chapter on modern man's role in nature -- words that will be close to the conscience of any thinking person.  (From a customer review in Amazon).

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