The Evening News

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Author: Arthur Hailey
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Hard Cover

Arthur Hailey returns with another dynamic, behind-the-scenes drama exploring the personal and professional conflicts at the heart of a great institution, this time the setting is television news.Hailey takes us inside the studios, newsrooms, backrooms and worldwide bureaus of CBA-TV where two major news figures – newscaster Crawford Sloane and “Big-Foot” correspondent Harry Partridge, compete and sometimes feud, with each other. Their rivalry begins in Vietnam where both are ambitious TV correspondents and in love with the same woman. In the end, Sloane wins the girl and the top job on the CBA news desk, while Partridge continues onward to correspondent stardom.When Crawford Sloan's wife, son and elderly father are mysteriously kidnapped, his life turns upside down. He decides to launch his own rescue mission, and asks Harry, his colleague and competitor, to head the operation.

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