The Earth - An Intimate History

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Author: Richard Fortey
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Hard Cover

2011 First Folio Edition.     FIRST PRINTED IN 2004 IN BRITAIN. 

Publisher – The Folio Society, London.

Cover is hard bound with 1/8th black cloth and pictorial boards blocked with an illustration of The John Day Fossil Beds National Monument, Oregon, USA.  Excellent condition.
Slip Cover is not present.  
End Papers are intact.  Inside front and back covers are dark green.
Preliminaries - Title page double spread illustration shows Lake Magadi, Great Rift Valley, Kenya, List of Contents, Dedication, Introduction to Folio Society Edition, Preface, List of Geochemical history, Frontipiece illustration - Listening to the Solfatara 

Volcano, Pozzuli, Italy, 1917.
Main Text Body - 398 Pages.  Fine and Clean. Fully illustrated.  The text of this Folio edition is taken from the first British edition with minor emendations and the inclusion of a new introduction.  Published by arrangement with HarperCollins Publishers Ltd.

End Matters - Acknowledgements, Further Reading, List of Illustrations, Index.
Edges are even and unworn. 
Spine is tight with no gutter damage.   Gilt lettering.
Page Structure is sound with no missing pages.

In volume, Richard Fortey takes us on a grand tour of the earth’s physical past, showing how the history of plate tectonics is etched in the landscape around us.  Beginning with Mt. Vesuvius, whose eruption in Roman times helped spark the science of geology, and ending in a lab in the West of England where mathematical models and lab experiments replace direct observation, Richard Fortey tells us what the present says about ancient geologic processes. He shows how plate tectonics came to rule the geophysical landscape and how the evidence is written in the hills and in the stones. And in the process, he takes us on a wonderful journey around the globe to visit some of the most fascinating and intriguing spots on the planet.


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