The Drama of Love, Life and Death

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Author: Anthony Holden
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In the fifty-two action-packed years of his life, Shakespeare's personal experience ran the full gamur of youthful idealism, teenage disillusion, thwarted love, sexual jealousy, personal grief and domestic woes. This rich experience gave him a unique insight into fundamental aspects of the human condition, leaving us a legacy of wisdom and insight about human nature that no other artist in history can begin to match.
In this highly readable book, Anthony Holden draws upon Shakespeare's intriguing, colourful and hotly disputed life to explore the extraordinary depth and breath of human nature in his plays.
The art of the cinema plays as vital a role as the theatre in continuing to breathe a new life into Shakespeare, universally heralded as 'Man of the Millennium'. Holden illustrates Shakespeare's exploration of human relationship with stills from memorable movies, from silent and classic productions to star-studded modern releases.
Here is a book that brings Shakespeare into twenty-first century.
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