The Dragon's Son

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Author: Margaret Weis
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In Mistress of Dragons we were introduced to a world where political ambition and avarice had led to a violation of the 'hands off' policy of the Parliament of Dragons concerning the affairs of men. The violation threatens more than policy and order . . . it threatens the peaceful existence of the human race. In The Dragon's Son , there is new hope in the form of special offspring. Two male twins born to a high priestess and a dragon hold the key to man's future, but their identity must be kept secret - even from each other - until they have matured. One is raised in a human court, the other in hiding. But the link that exists between the twins cannot be broken by mere distance, and the duality of their origin will unlock the new hope for a return to peace and safety as long as they live to maturity. It is up to Draconas, the special emissary of the dragons, to protect them both, even as the internecine struggle threatens to destroy the Parliament of Dragons and bring an oppressive reign of fire down upon all mortal men.

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