The Discovery of Australia

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Author: George Collingridge
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Hard Cover
His publication of The Discovery of Australia in 1895 earned him accolade as a "genius" and as "an authority on geographical matters" from members of the Royal Geographical Society as well as foreign honours: in 1908 he was created a Knight Commander of the Order of Santiago by the King of Portugal. In 1917 he was made a Knight Commander of the Order of Isabella la Catolica by the King of Spain. However, not everyone was as complimentary; his official biographer, O.H.K. Spate, described him as of "undisciplined intellect" and lacking a "rigorously judicial habit of mind"; the book was a financial failure. 

This book is a facsimile copy of his work, and clearly shows how he used his formidable skills as a cartographer, engraver and draughtsman to embrace his subject matter with a passionate devotion..
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