The Dickinson Papers

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Author: Mark Ragg
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A priceless exhibition of the papers of poet Emily Dickinson goes missing on arrivial in Sydney. Jock, a lonely single father who loves poems, books and stories of all kinds, starts to follow the newspaper articles about the theft, and finds himself increasingly drawn to the mysterious and brilliant Lola, the curator of the exhibition. Both nursing wounded hearts and damaged lives, slowly they begin to reach out to each other through letters, emails and occasional encounters. When the police start receiving clues from the thief - marked on Sydney road maps - Jock find himself drawn into the hunt. But in a city with a story on every street corner, can he tell the hints from the red herrings in time to find the exhibition and win Lola's heart? A quirky and engaging novel, THE DICKINSON PAPERS is at once a modern love story, a tribute to a great poet and a love letter to the city of Sydney.

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