The Decoy

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Author: Tony Strong
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Claire Rodenburg isn't proud of what she does for a living, but she's proud as hell of the way she does it. Newly arrived in New York without a green card, she uses her talent as an actress to earn a dubious kind of living. She works for a private detective, providing women with incriminating evidence about their errant husbands. Only one man has so far failed to succumb to her charms: Dr Christian Vogler. When Vogler's wife is found brutally murdered, Claire agrees to help the police the onl way she knows how; she will act as a decoy to catch the killer, a savage and sadistic murderer who takes the macabre poetry of Baudelaire as his inspiration. Exploited or exploiter, hunter or prey, Claire is soon embroiled in a secret murky world of deviant sex and internet-accessed necrophilia, a world where death and passion collide, and noone, least of all the authorities, is to be trusted.
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