The Darwin Awards VI

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Author: Wendy Northcutt
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The Darwin Awards VI: Countdown to Extinction


"What distinguishes humans from baser animals is our higher intelligence. This is because most humans know to think twice before headbutting a coconut or biting down on a live wire. Intelligent individuals generally know not to use a mattress pad as a flotation device, or to kitesurf in a hurricane. Darwin Award winners, however, lack this basic common sense.

"Named for the father of evolution, the Darwin Awards honour those who help natural selection by taking a swan dive into the shallow end of the gene pool.  From attaching a five-horsepower engine to a barstool, to hammering a metal hook into an explosive device, to using a Taser to treat a snake bite, The Darwin Awards: Countdown to Extinction shows that the countdown (to human extinction) is well underway – and we won't exit this mortal coil without one last laugh." – Blurb
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