The Dalziel Files

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Author: Brian Craddock
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Globetrotting photojournalist Richard Dalziel is riding on the success of his acclaimed portrait on an Indian slave child, but Dalziel is haunted by his ambitions. Or rather, the depths he'd stoop to achieve them. To assuage his guilt, Dalziel seeks assignments which endanger him, forever pursuing the chaos he desperately hopes will consume his soul. He needn't worry on that score, however, for darkness and its denizens seek him at every turn.

From Pakistan to Japan, and to the wild frontiers of Northern Canada, THE DALZIEL FILES reinvent the lores of old, of vampires, werewolves and what lay beyond even their mysterious realms. The award winning story "Isma'il's Expulsion" is included in THE DALZIEL FILES.

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