The Considine Curse

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Author: Gareth P. Jones
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Fourteen-year-old Mariel has grown up in Australia, raised by her English mother. When she and her mother travel back to England for her grandmother's funeral, it is the beginning of the uncovering of some really extraordinary truths about the Considine family.
What did Mariel's mum argue with her grandma about so many years ago? Why does Amelia wear so much perfume? Why was there a very large cat flap in Louvre House? Why does Gerald seem scared of his brother's appetite? Did Grandma Considine really break her neck falling down the stairs? Why is Elspeth so vile? And most importantly, what is the dark secret that lies at the heart of the family?
What would YOU do if you found out you were a member of a family of werewolves?

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