The Complete Idiot's Guide to -- Marketing Basics

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Author: Sarah White
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Marketing doesn't have to feel like a walk through uncharted wilderness!
You're no idiot, of course. You've long since figured out the fastest route to work, you manage to impress your boss now and again, and you can beat your youngest at Monopoly at least half the time. But when it comes to the tactics and buzzwords of marketing products or services, you feel like a new kid in the classroom. P.T. Barnum move aside! The Complete Idiot's Guide to Marketing Basics tells you everything you need to know about positioning and marketing your product. You'll use the customer intuition you develop to target your product more effectively than ever before and keep it from going stale. In this Complete Idiot's Guide you get :
  • Step-by-step instructions on putting together a promotional plan--including designing ads, selecting media, handling publicity, and more.
  • Solid information on managing a sales force.
  • Idiot-proof steps fro matching your product or service with the customers who need it. 
Discover the quick and easy ways to...
  • Put together a marketing plan.
  • Position your product in a competitive marketplace.
  • Conduct market research. 
  • Target a direct marketing campaign. 
  • Create pricing and distribution strategies.
  • Master the art of successful ad campaign. 
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