The Cheese Monkeys

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Author: Chip Kidd
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From People Who Liked It:
"It is rare for a book to produce uncontrollable laughter as loud as this one did. The narrator is at art college in the 1950s, and after failing to get the courses he wants, finds himself attending 'Introduction to Graphic Design,' taught by the inspiring, sadistic, and compelling Professor Winter Sorbeck. Through humiliation and excess he shows his naive young charges how to see the world through new eyes. This is a brilliantly entertaining debut -- intelligent, pitch-perfect, and enlightening." -- The Times (London)

"This story about growing up and finding your calling is funny and, almost despite itself, moving. Here the big ideas -- about growing, working, loving -- are all inside." -- New York Times Book Review

"An irresistible comic voice that sounds so modern, and so right, even as it re-creates the undergraduate life of the late 1950s." -- Los Angeles Times Book Review

"Channeling Holden Caulfield via David Sedaris, Kidd produces a stellar debut." -- Publishers Weekly

"A Joyride." -- Miami Herald

"Not only is [The Cheese Monkeys] sharp and funny, it's also one of the year's most original American novels." -- Toronto Globe and Mail

From People Who Didn't:
"Retro kitsch. Thoroughly sophomoric." -- Entertainment Weekly

"The first section veers dangerously towards the predictable. Kidd has a way to go before his literary skills equal his artistic genius." -- Time Out (New York)
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