The Chamber The Rainmaker

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Author: John Grisham
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Hard Cover

Two bestsellers in one volumeTHE CHAMBER - Adam Hall is a young lawyer in a giant chicago law firm, defending a convicted murderer on Mississippi's death row. His client is a seventy year old Sam Clayhall, the crime is the killing of two Jewish children in a 1967 Ku Klux Klan bombing. Sam despises Lawyers and Northern Liberals but he has a secret that will persuade him to hire Adam. A secret which will bring the old racist and liberal lawyer together and forge an inseperable union between them, even to the gates of death. THE RAINMAKER - Rudy Baylor's world collapses when the law firm he was due to join is taken over. Suddenly, just before his bar examination, he is without employment and up to his neck in debt. His whole future hinges on only two prospective clients. One is a bad faith case against an insurance company who denied a clain involving a boy dying of Leukaemia, who might have been saved if Great Benefit had paid out months ago. But the case is only the tip of the iceberg: there are hundreds of similiar claims popping up all over the US. Rudy finds himself facing the very legal firm whose takeover cost him his job, in a trial which threatens to blow the top off one of the biggest cases of coporate fraud in American history. He is one young man against a battery of Million-dollar lawyers, and his opponents will do anything to stop him.

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