The Calling

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Author: Jane R. Goodall
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Jane Goodall's popular leading lady, Briony Williams, is now a detective with the Chelsea CID. She has grown in confidence and rank from when she first appeared in THE WALKER as a rookie cop. In the fierce English summer of 1976 the Punk movement is on the rise and chaos is the catchcry down in its heartland at the World s End of London. Briony wryly observes that though they call themselves antichrist, stick pins in themselves, wear leather masks, congratulate the IRA and insult the Queen , most of this is not against the law. But things take a darker turn as a new group calling themselves Sudden Deff show signs of wanting to live up to their name. When Briony learns that she and two close colleagues have appeared on Deff Row in the group s fanzine, she is drawn into a fatal game with a set of adversaries who always seem to be two moves ahead.

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