The Buffalo Soldier

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Author: Chris Bohjalian
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A raging river in a small Vermont town overflows and sweeps the 9-year=old daughters of Laura and Terry Sheldon to their deaths. In the aftermath of this life-altering tragedy, Laura convinces Terry to take in a foster child. Young Alfred is 10-year-old African American boy whose life to date has been a string of foster families and homes. He cautiously enters the Sheldon family circle,  barley willing to hope that he can find a permanent home. Across the street from the Sheldons live an older couple, who take a Alfred under their wings as surrogate grandparents, and it is they who introduce him to the history of the buffalo and honour inspires the child.

Before life has a chance to settle down, however, Terry, who has never been unfaithful to Laura, find himself attracted to the solace offered by another woman. Their encounter, brief as it is, leaves her pregnant with his baby - a child Terry suddenly realises he urgently wants.

From these fitful lives emerges a lyrical and richly textured story, one that explores the meaning off marriage, the bonds between parents and children, and the relationships that causes a community to become a family.
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