The Breadwinner

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Author: Tom O'Toole; Lowell Tarling
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AUTOGRAPHED COPY:_When Tom O'Toole was a poor kid in Tocumwal, a small New South Wales border town that was going backwards, he used to watch the Murray River fingering its way into the bigger towns. One day while wagging school, little Tommy and his mate sat by the river and suddenly Tom had that Irish knowing that one day he would be a successful businessman.Tom, who left school without even learning the alphabet, now is the proprietor of Australia's most successful bakery. It's bigger than the corporate bread shops, the franchises and the city bakeries, and he has done it in the little town of Beechworth, Victoria. Beechworth has a population of 3149, yet the Beechworth Bakery's turnover is the equivalent of taking $1 from every person in the Sydney metropolitan area, every year. Can you believe it!?How does he do it? This book will show you how. It will also tell you about incredible determination and happiness, as well as sadness and even madness. It is the power of positive thinking, and beyond.

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