The Book of Herbs

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Author: Kay N. Sanecki
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From the dustcover: 'Many of our favorite herbs today originally came from the Mediterranean region where they were first cultivated. Their worldwide distribution and use indicate their adaptability and the surprising ease with which they can be grown. This book encourages you to grow your own herbs for their wide range of useful properties and because it is a satisfying endeavor. It offers advice on buying and planting herbs, gives information on alternative basic methods of herb propagation, shows you how to plan and create various exciting designs for a herb garden. The main part of the book is divided into three sections devoted to the most attractive popular culinary, healing and scented herbs. Each herb is illustrated and described with details of its origins, uses, growing habits and suitability for a particular place in the garden. There are practical tips on how to harvest and keep herbs. Finally, the book includes an invaluable directory of herbs, listing their English, American and Latin Names.

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