The Blood Detective

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Author: Dan Waddell
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'The past isn't like that; you can't just bury it, mark it down as history. It's taken more than 125 years, but the events of 1879 have finally washed up...' 

It's not the best start to DCI Grant Foster's day: standing over a mutilated body in a windswept London churchyard. Although the killer has left a cryptic and brutal clue. 

It is only when the clue is handed to Nigel Barnes, a specialist in compiling family trees, that the full message becomes spine-chillingly clear. For it leads Barnes back more than one hundred years - to the victim of a demented Victorian serial killer.....

When a second body is discovered Foster needs Barnes's skills more than ever. Because the murderer's clues appear to run along the tangled bloodlines that lie between 1879 and now. and if Barnes is right about his blood-history, the killing has only just begun.....

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