The Bible - Volumes I and II

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Author: Edited and Arranged by Ernest Sutherland Bates
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1997 Folio Edition.  3rd Impression.  With New Binding and Illustrations.   DESIGNED TO BE READ AS LITERATURE.
Volume I - Genesis-Prophets.  Volume II - Psalms-Revelation.

Publisher - The Folio Society, London.
Covers are hard bound boards with Blue Cloth.  Volume I has Ornate Gilt Design and Volume II has Ornate Silver Design.   Excellent Condition.
Slip Cover for both volumes is present.  Medium Blue Card with Gilt Lettering and Border..  Excellent Condition.
End Papers are intact.  Inside Front and Back Covers are Medium Blue Light Card with Linen finish.
Preliminaries - An Explanation of use of copyright material  and permissions granted are found on the page following the title page of both volumes.  Volume I -  Full Colour Frontispiece, List of Contents, List of Illustrations, Introduction by Laurence Binyon, 'The Bible as Literature' by Editor.
Volume II - Full Colour Frontispiece, List of Contents, List of Illustrations.
Main Text Body - Volume 1 - 520 Pages.  Volume II - 549.  Fine and Clean  Old Master Drawings are included throughout both volumes. 
End Matters - A Note on Translations, Dates of the Books : A Reference Table, Chapter Key.
Edges are even and unworn. 
Spines are tight on both volumes with no gutter damage.  Gilt Lettering and Borders on Brown Background..
Page Structure is sound with no missing pages.

In his introduction, The editor explains that his purpose was to present the English bible - or rather a greater part of it - as literature.  It is intended for all readers, of whatever belief, opinion or up-bringing.  It is not the first attempt of its kind but the selection and arrangement in the present volumes are new.  He goes on to state that in the case of the Bible the tradition handed down from the Middle Ages has been to regard it as a collection of texts, any one of which could be detached from its surroundings and used, regardless of the circumstances in which it was written or by whom it was spoken, as divine authority for conduct Often - as we know - with devastating consequences.  To read the books of the Bible, each as a whole, with understanding of the circumstances in which each was written - as far as it is known - is the only way to reach a real appreciation of the great literature it contains. 
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