The Beatles

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Author: Terry Burrows
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At the heart of this reference to the Beatles is a catalogue of the classic songs by John Lennon and Paul McCartney. The Beatles' music is annotated in detail, complete with insights into the creative process. The personalities of the band, and of the people around them, are brought into focus. key events in the group's unfolding story, right up to the renewed activity of the 1990s. Fully indexed and illustrated, the book provides comprehensive data on the band's activities on stage, screen, TV and radio - all of which are steadily becoming more available through CD, video and the new electronic media. their Anthology series of CDs, TV specials and videos, demonstrated that worldwide interest in the group is as high as ever. Their appeal transcends the generation divide - from nostalgic veterans of the 1960s to young musicians (Oasis, Supergrass, Blur) who acknowledge the band's supreme relevance  to modern pop.
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