The Australian Handyman's Guide

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Author: Bunny Rigold
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Hard Cover

May not include dust jacket.


"Australians are surely one of the most do-it-yourself peoples in the world. Very few of them have not wished at some time to do something creative, whether it be fixing a dripping tap or building a three-bedroomed home. It may be something to do with their comparative youth as a country that the do-it-yourself urge, the still active pioneering spirit, is so strong. Australians, whether they be of the fifth generation or comparative newcomers, appear to have an instinct for improvisation and inventive self-help.

The priniciple aim of this book, then, is to provide the handyman with a reference manual which presents in simple and clearly illustrated form a whole range of suggestions on subjets as varied as choosing a badic workshop set of tools and laying a concrete path." - From Introduction

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