The Atlantis Code

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Author: Charles Brokaw
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AN ANCIENT ARTEFACT IS DISCOVERED IN A DUSTY ANTIQUITIES SHOP IN ALEXANDRIA, EGYPT - THE LONG-FORGOTTEN TRINKET SOON BECOMES THE CENTRE OF THE MOST DEADLY RACE AGAINST TIME IN HISTORY.The 20,000-year-old relic is inscribed with what appears to be the long-lost language of Atlantis.  Only one man would seem to be able to decode its meaning - the world's foremost linguist, Dr Thomas Lourdes - but only if he can stay alive long enough . . .Meanwhile, an earthquake in Cadiz, Spain, uncovers a most unexpected site - one which the Vatican rush to be the first to explore . . . Perhaps the lost city of Atlantis is finally ready to be found?BUT IS THE WORLD READY FOR HER SECRETS?'The Atlantis Code will take you to a new level of mystery, wonder, adventure and excitment'DEEPAK CHOPRA

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