Teeth, Teeth, Teeth

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Author: Sydney Garfield
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Hard Cover
Teeth Teeth Teeth is unique among the annals of dentistry. A labour of love, its author, a practising dentist, set out to blend science, custom and legend together with such dexterity as to fascinate both the dentist who groans if the word tooth is mentioned outside surgery hours and the dentist who soaks up avidly every written word associated with his lifework, not to mention the countless thousands who live each hour before their next dental appointment as though it were their last. Judging by the reviews Dr. Garfield's ambitions for the book have been fully realised. But Teeth Teeth Teeth is more than an unusual book, more than just an encyclopedia of dentistry, it is catalytic. Once read, the horizons of the dentist will be forever expanded and for our part, we shall never again experience the fear and trembling usually associated with a visit to the dentist. 
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