Tall Tales from Pitch End

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Author: Nigel McDowell

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A richly imagined gothic tale of friendship, loss, rebellion, and adventure. Ruled by the Elders, policed by an unforgiving battalion of Enforcers, and watched by hundreds of clockwork Sentries, Pitch End is a town where everybody knows their place. Soon-to-be 15-year-old Bruno Atlas still mourns the death of his Rebel father ten years ago, and treasures the book of stories he secretly uncovered: The Tall Tales from Pitch End. After discovering a chilling plot planned by the Elders, Bruno flees, escaping to the mountains where a bunch of disparate young Rebels are planning a final attack on Pitch End. With secrets and betrayal lying around every corner, Bruno will find himself fighting not only for his life, but the life of the town.
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