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Author: Olivia Goldsmith
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At forty, Sylvie Schiffer has everything: a gorgeous house, two perfect children, a successful husband with a lucrative business. Everything but what "she" wants most: passion and romance. With the twins off to college, Sylvie thinks her marriage is about to bloom, until she discovers that her husband, Bob, is already seeding the garden--with a woman named Marla When Sylvie confronts Marla, she gets the shock--and inspiration---of her life. Except for ten years and fifteen pounds, she and Marla could be twins. But all is not bliss even for Marla. Though she has the best of love--romantic presents, hot sex, candlelit dinners--she lacks the one thing "she" wants most: a husband of her own. Going beyond revenge, Sylvie hatches a brilliant, hilarious, and daringly outrageous scheme that just might fulfill both their wildest dreams...or leave them with nothing but two broken hearts. "

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