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Author: Marc Phillips
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Your essential guide to surviving and thriving in the new era of online business. Now you can benefit from the experience of small businesses who have successfully pioneered e-commerce. This concise and accessible book shows you by example how to take the essential step into e-commerce, simply and profitably!
  • How Boots Online, a retailer of Australian boots and clothing, turned a $3,000 e-commerce investment into $25,000 in sales and increased its profit margin on items sold via their website through reduced costs of holding inventory.
  • How Nick's Vine Merchants gives Internet uses a 'virtual tour' of vineyards and vine reviews ans allows consumers in Australia and overseas to buy wine securely from the website. 
  • How Gaslight Records, a music retail store, allows customers to choose from thousands of CDs and purchase securely on the Internet.
  • How Lovitools, a manufacturer of spare parts for the aerospace, defence and motor vehicle industries, has saved over $120,000 by purchasing raw materials via the Internet.
Successful e-commerce answers your basic questions about e-commerce, including... 
e How much does it cost to implement e-commerce ?
e How do I achieve a return on my e-commerce investment within two years?
e How can I benefit from increased profit margins by selling online?
e How can e-commerce merchant systems streamline my traditional business processes? 
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