Starting Over

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Author: Robin Pilcher
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It seems a long time since life was good for Liz Dewhurst. Her marriage to Gregor ended six months earlier when she discovered he was having an affair. But Liz and Gregor's family businesses were also intertwined. Growing up on neighbouring farms on the east coast of Fife, it made perfect sense to merge. The separation, however, has come at the worst possible time. With business bad, the two farms are barely struggling to survive on their own.

Then an extraordinary opportunity arises. An American-financed consortium is looking to build a golf course, and with Liz's and Gregor's land thinks it has found the ideal site. Liz is torn: the money is tempting, but the farm has passed through five generations of her family; is she really ready to give up that history, and also help Gregor and his mistress? At the same time, Liz's student son Alex suggests renting out a room to raise some money. And the person he suggests, his German tutor Arthur Kempler, is the man to change everything. . .

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