Stabbing Stephanie

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Author: Evan Marshall
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Literary agent Jane Stuart has finally decided to crawl out from under her pile of manuscripts to take a much-needed vacation when she gets a surprise call from her late husbands cousin, Stephanie, asking if she can stay for a few days. Jane reluctantly agrees---after all, it is Thanksgiving, and Stephanie is taking an editor's job at a hot new publishing house. But no sooner has Stephanie unpacked her file folders than it becomes clear that something rotten is going on in the pedigreed halls of Carson & Hart, Inc. And when Stephanie is found in a Dumpster with a knife in her back, Jane goes undercover at the company to find the killer. Yet playng the part of an editor isn't easy for Jane, especially when the list of murder suspects is growing faster than the stack of submissions on her overburdened desk...

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