Spare Parts: In The 21st Century Anything Is Possible

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Author: Rogers; Andrew Davidson
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Kelty screamed when she saw her own reflection, After all the trouble she'd taken to prepare her perfect cyberform, they'd gone and put her in the wrong one. It was startling enough to look in the mirror and see the face of a stranger staring back at her, but it wasn't just a strangers face, it was a strange face...

Kelty is a C-grade citizen of the Greater Melbourne Megalopolis, a city filled with towers that stretch halfway to the sky. While 'Skywalkers' - the A-and-B-grade citizens - live above the clouds with access to all the wonders of the twenty-first century, Subbies like Kelly must dwell in the darkness of the streets below. 

Desperate to avoid her perceived destiny, Kelty is faced with the unthinkable: a choice between a hopeless future or leaving everyone and everything familiar behind to join the Space Corps. There's one catch - first she must give up her body for transplant.

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