Something Special, Something Rare

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Author: Black Inc. Staff; Karen Hitchcock (Contribution by); Brenda Walker (Contribution by); Penni Russon (Contribution by); Rebekah Clarkson (Contribution by); Gillian Essex (Contribution by); Delia Falconer (Contribution by); Kate Grenville (Contribution by);
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Something Special, Something Rare presents outstanding short fiction by Australia's finest female writers. These are tales of love, secrets, doubt and torment, the everyday and the extraordinary. A sleepy town is gripped by delusory grief after the movie being filmed there wraps and leaves. A lingering heartbreak is replayed on Facebook. An ordinary family walks a shaky line between hopelessness and redemption. Brilliant, shocking and profound, these tales will leave you reeling in ways that only a great short story can.

  • Kate Grenville.
  • Mandy Sayer.
  • Penni Russon.  
  • Favel Parrett.
  • Tegan Bennett Daylight.  
  • Sonya Hartnett. 
  • Isabelle Li.  
  • Gillian Essex. 
  • Brenda Walker.
  • Gillian Mears. 
  • Fiona MacFarlane. 
  • Joan London. 
  • Karen Hitchcock. 
  • Charlotte Wood. 
  • Tara June Winch.
  • Cate Kennedy. 
  • Alice Pung. 
  • Anna Krien. 
  • Delia Falconer. 
  • Rebekah Clarkson.
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