Sofia the First Collections ( 3 books)

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Author: Catherine Hapka, Grace Lee
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The first book  is Sofia the First :Meet Sofia , a little girl who lives a rather ordinary life.But everything changes when her mother, Mirinda, marries a King.To introduce Sofia at the royal ball, the King asks her to dance the first waltz with him.But Sofia doesn't even know how to dance! With some helpful tips from three good fairies - and one special visitor - Sofia learns what it takes to fit into her royal family ... and what it really means to be a princess.

The second book is  Sofia the First  - Holiday in Enchancia : Sofia is looking forward to her first Wassailia holiday as a princess.It's sure to be a lot different from the humble holiday she always celebrated with her mother.There will be parties,presents and fancy decorations galore ! But then King Roland goes missing  on Wassailia morning and everyone is frantic.Can Sofia's animal friends - and a visit from a very special princess- help reunite her family in time to discover the true meaning of Wassailia ?
The third book is Sofia the First  -The Floating Palace :  It's  a holiday fit for a princess ! Sofia and her family are exploring the beautiful Merroway Cove on their floating palace.The royal holidays gets even better when Sofia meets a real,live mermaid named Oona.But then Oona is kidnapped by a hideous sea monster and the mermaid queen thinks the humans are to blame ! Sofia doesn't know what to do, but a few loyal friends- and a very special visitor- might be able to help her work out how to swim to the rescue.
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