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Author: Katharine Kerr
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In despair at the corruption of his ruler, the despotic Great Khan, captain Idres Warkannan sets out towards the far-distant Cantons in search of a new leader. His hope is that the Great Khan's long-lost younger brother, Jezro, will return with him and end the suffering of his people. A devoutly religious Kazrak, he is dependent on the guidance of the mysterious Canton sorceror, Yarl Soutan, to cross the vast plains of purple grass in safety.But Soutan is shadowed by a member of the Great Khan's deadly secret service. Zayn Hassan has infiltrated a tribe of peace-loving nomads in order to carry out his spying mission. He certainly hadn;t counted on the simple pleasures of life on the plains, or the attractions of Ammadin, the tribe's fiercely independent spirit rider.Both sides gradually come to realize that more is at stake than their individual quests as centuries-old falsehoods are revealed.

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