Slumgirl Dreaming

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Author: Rubina Ali
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"My name is Rubina Ali. I don t know when my birthday is, and nor does my father, but I do know that I am nine years old. ubina is a one-in-a-million-star. After being picked from among the five-hundred slum children who auditioned for Danny Boyle s multi-Oscar-winning film SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE, she saw her fairytale dream of stardom come true. But what does the future hold for a little girl now trapped between Hollywood glamour and the bleak poverty of her Mumbai slum? ow she tells her own incredible story, from playing marbles with her friends beside the sewers of Garib Nagar, to dancing along to the Bollywood films she and her family watch on their old television set. Rubina brings alive a world of wastelands and rat-infested shanty dwellings, and shows us her home near the raliway line where she lives with her beloved father and siblings. he tells us how her co-star came to be covered head to toe in chocolate, and how she came to meet a tall pale lady named Nicole Kidman. How has this little girl s intimate world changed since Hollywood came knocking? And what will happen to her next? oyalties from this book will be shared with the author and Medecins du Monde in India."

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